Monday, March 26, 2012

Paper Bead Necklace

I had a beautiful dress which I didn't want to part with so decided to convert it to my daily wear. But why all beads and decoration when you are wearing it at home? So I removed the beads and rest of the decorations which were mainly on the hand and the neck part of my dress.
Then I did a small recycling project.
Created few paper beads and made a necklace out of these and my dress beads. I am thinking to give it to my cousin sister who has a like for them. Hope she likes it.

Paper Bead Necklace

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What ever happened to my plant?

How many of us buy a plant on an impulse without thinking how to take care of it? I top in this category.
I have this golden philodendron growing well since the day it was bought. There were two shoots grown so I thought to cut one branch and plant in another pot. You see this is been my backup plan always.

Initially the plant refused to adjust, no matter where it was kept. Later it grew, but the leaves always looking dull, folded at the edges. I changed the places so many times, watered daily and what not to make it look healthy.
Came December, I went to my native place keeping all my plants outside for watering in my absence. When I came back I had a pleasant surprise. The plant looked like it had some life. So I thought may be it likes the company of other plants.

But after few days the same state. Drooping leaves.
Sentimental me bought the plant inside and kept it near its mother but still no improvement.
So the last option left is to re-pot, and googling about how to take care of this plant. I am sure Google won't let me down.
I am extremely ashamed to show the last image. This image was just taken before re-potting the plant. While doing this I observed the water was not draining. May be this is the reason why the plant never thrived.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy B'day my home

Two years ago on this day, we moved to our house 'Greeshma'. Few days after moving here, we lost our pet local dog 'Jimmy', bought a new German Shep 'Barnie', I had my second baby boy 'Prajwal' and lots of ups and down in life.

Sharing with you a corner of my home, two views from where I sit and sip my morning tea. It's the only peaceful time I get for day dreaming, lost in thoughts, thinking about what to do in the day. This also only time of the day at which our home looks livable -:)

Monday, March 19, 2012

While he was studying..

My 8 year old's exams are round the corner. So weekend saw me tearing my hairs to make him study, understand his lessons. While he was solving few mock exam papers this was what I was doing apart from cooking, cleaning, shouting..

I did embroidery on a left over fabric, sewing around an old handle of a jute bag. This bag was used by my son to carry snack boxes. I still kept these bamboo handles, throwing away the dirty bag.
After doing it I realized it is such a fun to embroider and tough to make boys study -:))

Monday, March 12, 2012

A simple dessert

I caught on this habit of having sweet after lunch from my husband. Occasionally there would be some store bought sweets, or some home made sweets. When these are not there, this is my dessert.
Take a rusk, and apply any fruit jam(not mixed fruit) liberally all over it.
I am sure if you like jam, then you would love this too.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Magazine Reed Box

I had seen this magazine reed box at Craftzine long back and wanted to try it sometime. I decided to turn a sturdy shoe box into a reed box. Here are the results..

It hasn't turned out to be as great that as shown in Craftzine but I learnt couple of valuable lessons.
1. I thought making a magazine reed is very simple, but I realized it is not so. As says in the instructions, placing the skewer at 45 degree is IMPORTANT.

2. I just read the instructions twice probably, overlooked many things.
So after making few reeds, I glued them to one side of the box. After gluing, it was the time to cut the reeds to the length, exactly that of the box. Here I failed miserably. The reeds weren't getting cut evenly by the scissor. Later I read the instructions carefully, there is one sentence which says 'you can also cut the reeds to size before you glue them in place'. Then it was simple.
Now I am more confident for my next magazine reed project.