Monday, March 27, 2017

Recycled bottle with dot painting

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I have been experimenting with Batik Design Technique on fabric for a long time, I have been successful to get the desired result in few,  and few of them were totally disastrous and unexpected. To take break from that, and to cheer myself I am exploring other crafts which are in my To-Do list.

There are few wine bottles that I have been hoarding for a long time to get them painted.  My first thought was to try dot painting with acrylics on the bottle. Before doing that, I tried dot painting with Fevicryl Liquid embroidery tubes. These are actually used for doing liquid embroidery on fabric but I have used to paint my bottle with them.

Recycled Wine Bottle with dot painting, Fevicryl 3D outliner

I got few limited colors in the shop, and the shop was selling more metallic colors. I bought orange, blue, yellow. I was looking for white color but I got pearly white which I thought was OK and still doable. Before I got started I had to remove the labels from the bottle.

How to remove the labels from bottle
There are methods to remove the labels which many swear by but this following process has most of the time worked for me.
Initially soak the bottle in hot water(not boiling) for about an hour. If the label has any paper part, it would come off with scrubbing.
To take off the tough, sticky glue, apply some oil and baking soda on the sticky label. Leave it for a while(about 10 min). Take a scrubber and scrub the label off. This should get you a sparkling bottle.

How to paint
Fevicryl 3D outliner
I have used the fine tipped pen to draw my designs on the bottle. I didn't go about drawing the entire design initially instead drew only what was necessary. . I just drew step by step, as my design demanded it.  Keep a wet cloth handy, because if you do not like what you have drawn, you can immediately wipe it.
Start with slowly squeezing the bottle. You would get tiny dots, which looks like tiny spikes.

Fevicryl 3D outliner

I tried first on the plain glass bottle, free hand without any particular design in mind. I am happy how both have turned out. Best way show them off is to have golden pothos in them.

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  1. Loved, loved, loved it Vasudha..:) The bottles with pathos looks super gorgeous.I have a quite a lot of bottles hoarded, all I lack is skill :p

  2. Your bottles are looking great!!:)

  3. Vasudha,the bottles have come out well.Looks like Gond painting because of the dotted design!

  4. gorgeous! great to see you on craft schooling sunday, thanks for sharing!