Friday, January 17, 2014

A happy new year..

Happy new year to all my blog readers... Bit late I know, have been lazy for sometime to post anything.

Did a lot of things at home this Jan and last month.
Like turning these old bangles to new wearable ones. All you need are old non glass bangles, cotton threads (or shiny ones if you like), fevicol. Just wrap and wrap around the bangles and in the end stick the end of the thread with fevicol(or any tough adhesive) to the underside of the wrapped bangle.
The best thing about these is that you can have the exact color matching bangle with the outfit you are wearing -:).

I have painted these fishes in Madhubani. 

Apart from these I am trying new dishes in the kitchen like there is no tomorrow. Eating the failures has definitely made me gain few kilos. I successfully could create my favorite sweet Rasmalai after 3 unsuccessful attempts.