Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My own cosy corner

It's incredible, the way pop of color bring magic to any corner. This is my reading nook where I relax on few afternoons and catch up with a good book. I got this brass cradle from my mom, lying in the cupboard for long, unused. I decided to bring it down and use it as a small side table to display books, handicraft's and other knick-knacks(which I am never tired of buying). The only investment I made was couple of matching cushion covers. Isn't it a cosy and cheerful corner?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Splash of Color -- Tabebuias

We are having this street near our residence where Tabebuia trees are grown along roadside. It's a spectacular display on this street where all the trees are full with bunches of flowers.
These trees thrive in open spaces and sunlight and often starts blooming in the month of February March welcoming the spring season. Although we don't play festival of colors, Holi here in South India, it gives a splendid feeling having splash of colors around me , yellow, pink, green etc.,
It's a burst of colors when in full bloom, not a leaf in sight.  I could hear the bees buzzing when I went to click them.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Simple beaded bracelets

Two months of this year have passed away with the blink of an eye, don't you feel so?

Recently my cousin gave her broken bracelet for repair. She was under the impression that I could repair it.  I didn't want to disappoint her and keenly wanted to give it a try. She wanted it to be re-strung as it paired with other accessories like necklace and earring.
While re-doing her bracelet, I realized it's very simple. All that had to be done was stringing the beads in a stretchable elastic chord.
I made a few for myself with few wooden beads and silver, and golden colored beads. It's not glamorous but for a simple person like me definitely wearable -:))

All I did was string them and tie them in the end.

Things you require
Here is the first one that I made, about 7 inch long in length. You can see the knot, which is not so appealing. Hence for the other two bracelets I took a slightly different shaped bead with a larger hole and hid the knot under/inside it applying a bit of glue on the knot.

 The whole process was super easy and took only less than 10 minutes.