Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer is here..

Summer, the season of blooming flowers, jasmine, mangoes, pickles, sandige(fryums), cool juices, cousins, scorching heat, occasional rain, endless days, sweaty nights is here. Yes, that's what comes to my mind when I think of how I used to spend my summer in South Canara, my native. Nowadays, other than beating the heat, my mind is always thinking of thousands ways to keep the kids engaged into something other than T.V. I bet back then this was the last thing in my mother's mind.

Prepared aam panna for mid-day snack for the family(snack, unbelievable right!)


  1. Great Reminder to have aam panna in summers..
    Lovely post


  2. I'd like to grab a glass Vasudha :)
    Hope you have a lovely summer ahead and many more aam panna to quench the heat!

  3. I love Aam Pana... It's a drink that takes me back to my summer vacations. I just made some the other day but I'm still craving for it when I look at this pic.