Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to blogging

I am back, after missing in action for more than a month. Where did I go? No fancy vacation, but a visit to my native place. In between a couple of short visits to few relatives nearby Udupi.
After I came back, apart from inch thick dust in home, this mess awaits me in the garden. A few heavy summer showers have made plants,creepers, grass grow like anything. Hmm, it will take few days to clean it up, and make it pleasant, re-presentable. So looking forward to busy hrs in the garden..


  1. welcome back dear.
    I enjoyed your blog.....
    your home,
    boks, crafts, garden, flowers, curtain hanging, warli......everything all.
    Thanks for dropping my blog and leaving sweet comments.

  2. Hi this is my first visit. I am looking forward for more of your garden pics

  3. u bet!!the most dreaded part of coming back home from a holiday is the cleaning and getting the home to its prior state!happy cleaning!!