Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flowers, Plenty of them..

How do you spend your week if you are a homemaker like me? 
Me, all I do is arrange and re-arrange most of the things at home, and I am sure most of the decor lovers do the same. Apart from this I constantly try to arrange flowers. Oh, don't think too big on this, all I am talking is putting the flowers in a holder/vase, few match here and there and then making a pleasing flower arrangement for myself. 
Who doesn't love flowers in their home? Flowers brings happiness and adds cheerfulness to your life, your home. I am one lucky girl who has sources of flowers other than buying from outside. Yes, I pick flowers from my own garden, from the scarcely populated public garden, few fallen flowers from trees, fresh flowers from trees etc.

Fallen flowers picked up and put in a seed of another flower. Lasted for a day..
Frangipani I picked up from the public garden and caught by the Gardner. I was left without any scolding considering my age!

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  1. Very nice. i love the way you've put those yellow flowers in the cane boxes.