Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chenne Mane

I bought this Chenne Mane(traditional indoor game of coastal Karnataka, has different names in South India) from the car street of Udupi. People play this game in the rainy season when there is nothing much to do in the fields after sowing. People all over the world visit Udupi mainly being for  the darshan of Lord Krishna. But I visit Udupi for buying few traditional things like the below Chenne Mane. After bargaining for Rs 600 I bought it to B'lore. It was plain looking one and I wanted to paint and polish it.

This is how it looks after painting and varnishing. I gave a thick coat of varnish by mistake, so it looks too shiny.

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  1. We call it pallanguli in Tamil at southIndia.
    Very pretty.

  2. whooa! That looks very, very pretty, My mom is from Modabidri, karkala. People from there call it alLu-guLi mane. I have one old one, but I am not confident of painting it though :)

    Beautiful again!

  3. I like the floral arrangement as well, I will steal that idea for mine :)

  4. It's not TOO shiny. It's PERFECT!! Job well done :) I love it. Not sure if I can find it in North India. What is it made of?

  5. Now I want this.Planning to go to bangalore soon will search for it there. can you please tell me where in bangalore did you buy it?

  6. Though I am from Karnataka but seeing this Chenne Mane for the first time... And I really really loved the way you've painted it...Beautiful... :)...

  7. Thanks all for your lovely comments.
    @Manasa -: You are most welcome to use the idea.
    @Tanya -: I am too not sure whether it's played in the north India. It's made up of jackfruit tree wood.
    @Leena -: I got this from Udupi, Karnataka. This might be available in antique stores across Bangalore. I have seen one in Kaveri Emporium, Bangalore, made out Rose wood, priced bit high.
    @Diana :- It's basically a kind of board game played among two people,with mainly seeds. we play with tamarind seeds.

  8. Ethnically elegant ... Chennamane chennagi side

  9. Hey, it's turned out so well ! you know, I too have recently been gifted with one! And Vasudha am going to steal your idea...