Monday, July 22, 2013

Warli Bookmarks..

Hello readers.. How was your weekend?
 Mine was super, I did a lot of creative work after a long time.

Nowadays you see lot of thick invitations of all size, color, weight. I had kept aside a couple of them, thought I would make something useful out of them. I took one house warming invitation and took out the plain side without any text on it, cut them into equal shapes and size. They were small, I painted a few warli motifs on them and turned them to bookmarks. Why bookmarks?
Bookmarks are hard to find when they are in need in my house. Courtesy my two kids. Elder one always wants them, doesn't know where he keeps them when he lays hands on them. The younger one just wants to play with it, crumple and finally throws into a dust bin. 
I hope to keep these at least for few days and make use of them. 

 After painting, this is how it looks..


  1. Thank you for your visit and your have a pretty blog.Beautiful shares...:):)

  2. wow, they are very beautiful.. the paintings have been intricately done on such a small space.

  3. Looks very very cool Vasudha, I should try this!