Monday, August 26, 2013

Jog Falls, Karnataka

Continuous rains past few months, we decided to visit Jog falls. 
Jog falls is located in Sagar Taluq, Karnataka, India and is the second highest water fall plunge in India. We took Bangalore-Honnavar highway via Shimoga which is in good condition. As there were adequate rainfall this season, it was the right time to visit. After visiting we heard from the locals that couple of days before the gates of the Linganmakki dam were opened and there was a thick flow of water. But what was presented to us was beautiful.

View of the Mahatma Gandhi Hydro electric power station.

En route to Bhatkal, on the coastal Karnataka, we found this breathtaking beauty. It was more beautiful than Jog, since we could see it, hear it from very near. Had it not been deep we definitely would have plunged into it.There are hundreds of such waterfalls in the Western Ghats, India which would sure leave you spell bound.

Greenery everywhere..


  1. What a scenic place! Love the way you shoot the first pic! It's cute to see that waterfall through that hole. I hope the roads were not so narrow nor bumpy, you climb up so high!! Cheers, Stephanie

  2. I love the vista through the window. The falls are breathtaking. I did a similar shot in Angkor Wat- the profile of 2 Buddha heads was seen through the window. We did another shot where both os us posed to mirror the Buddha heads.

  3. I love Bangalore...!!!!!
    And Karnataka is just great as ever...