Monday, December 1, 2014

Small joys..

Recently we got Diwali Greetings from Urban Ladder in the form of small money plant in an orange planter.  This plant was actually from another online garden shop My Sunny Balcony. When I observed the inside of the planter, I found that money plant was planted inside a coconut shell and then put into the orange planter. Cute isn't it?
This set me off to plant few small plants in my unused large coffee mugs.  I had bought these mugs as souvenirs from our travels and definitely will not sip any coffee from them. Instead of simply showing off, now they are there in many nooks and corners with plants.
Dry the used coconut shell. After couple of days of drying,  the eyes of the shell would come off. Put the potting mixture and plant any of tiny indoor plant of your choice.


  1. Very nice. You are preparing them in a beautiful and cute manner. We seek small joys in creating things differently like this.

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    Please look into my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage post and share your valuable and inspirational comment for the same.

  2. oh wow!! I admire all your little small joys.. they truly look beautiful..

  3. What an idea surji....:-)
    You are sooo talented yar.... Very glad to meet you here and learned lot of things from your creative things... Best wishes :-) Usha.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Usha. It's my pleasure to get acquainted with fellow bloggers like you. I get even more motivated when I read such wonderful comments.