Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chaos inside outside

My garden initially. Over the years these have grown into small trees.

My garden sometime last year, you see small trees in the background

My husband is a little workaholic and rarely works from home. There were few times when I desperately needed him at home, I request him to work from home , he doesn't citing the disturbances from the children. Often he wished for a separate work space for himself( Also to sleep peacefully on the weekends). So we(read him) decided to utilize the existing terrace space to build a new room, a very small one.  This could be used as home office, small hobby room or may be a study room to our children.
We stay in a residential lay out there very few countable houses. Due to the architectural plan we didn't have a high wall compound. People who built after us have high walled compound. Seeing them, our house is less secure and there were few instances where petty thefts have occurred in our community.

Above reasons made us to slightly renovate the house along with painting of the house both interior and exterior.

To gain something, we have to loose something,  isn't it? The thing we lost was our beautiful garden.
The garden that we cherished for long years is almost gone now. It would take few months to rebuild it back. 

So my dear husband I hope the newly constructed room is worth all the destruction. He says we would set it right in few months time and I am already set to work on the resurrection of the garden. Umm, I have a long way to go before I do this. There are chaos both inside(painting) and outside(construction/renovation).  Hope the dust settles down soon.

Cement and sand everywhere

Few broken pots and all hindrances to construction like trees are cut off


  1. I hope to see it reactivated beautifully soon :) all the best dear.

  2. Oh that's very bad. But something new you are getting. Do share the renovated space.

    1. Ha ha you are optimistic like my husband. He is super excited to get his own room. As for the garden he says I would burn few calories while reviving it. Sure I am going to share this room soon.

  3. How lush! keep up the good work and happy gardening :-)