Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kids crafts: Rainbow flowers

The summer vacation has begun for the kids in Bangalore and its two months of freedom from school activities. Well, my generation enjoyed the vacation in carefree ways, my kids are constantly complaining of boring holidays. It's my conscious decision to keep them away from tab, computer games, mobile in holidays.
It's Action time for mommy ME, to teach them art and craft at home. I spend at least some time with them with various art and craft activities, few simple and some complicated.
Here is a simple flower tutorial. My younger son(who takes after me in love for crafting)enjoyed doing this while my elder one as usual with an expression "what's all this nonsense?""Why I have to do this?"

Rainbow Flowers

What you need

Colored sheets, glue stick, glue[optional], floral wire or any thin stick or any craft stick to hold the flower, scissor, cardboard to stick the petals.

Make squares of colored paper, we made two sizes one of size 5 cm and another of 7 cm. From a square shape we can make two triangles and hence two petals from them.

Cut these squares to two triangles.

1.Fold the triangle in to half, opening it later to get a crease at the center.
2.Join the two edges into a rhombus shape along the crease.
3.Glue the edges in cross.
4.Take a circle shaped cardboard. Make a dot at the center.
5 Stick each petal around this dot.
6. Hold your flower with a wire/gluing to a stick

You can further make leaves to make it more beautiful.

Rainbow Flowers


  1. Lovely colorful flowers !! :) My daughter will have vacation from 17 th April . It is already very hot here in Hyderabad.
    You can involve your elder one in some other activities like photography, gardening etc. depending on what he likes to do. My daughter doesn't like needlework as I do but she does origami and likes reading very much. She is trying to make Harry Potter and Fandoms United posters and I am supposed to get it printed poster-size online.

  2. Thanks for your words. Umm.. It's right. I do involve him in other things like gardening, cooking etc., just to make them explore everything.

  3. Lovely flowers !!!
    Thanks for your visit !

  4. Love these paper flowers, and great to see you on craft schooling Sunday!

  5. Lovely. They look so bright and good activity for the kid.