Monday, September 18, 2017

News Paper Tube Owls

Hello people..

I have been collecting owls from wherever it's affordable and worthy.  I also found some simple fabric owls and paper owls images online. Thought to try them once.

Here is a tutorial on how to make cute owls from the newspaper rolls.

First thing you need to prepare the news paper rolls. You need few of them and take the best ones. In spite of doing newspaper rolls, I am still not achieved that perfection yet. Many which I make are not the same from top to bottom.

I always find helpful in flattening them first, make a rough roll and then use it.

You need to make a fair roll of at least diameter of 9 cm. Apply generous amount of glue on both sides of the base body of the owl.  Meanwhile prepare two rolls of diameter 4 cm for the eyes.

Coloring is optional. I don't like a thick acrylic layer on the owl, so I used the thin coat of acrylic on the base. I love the effect of newspaper print and colors.

If you are planning to make a hanging then put sufficient length of thread from the middle hole and tie it at the rim.

After everything has dried, colored, attach the eyes to the base body,on top.
For the head, a made a thin strip of roll which can be flexible. It can be easily bent and can be attached on a top of the eyes.

I also made a branch at the base.

You can make few of them and make a Garland or use it the way I have used.
I have put few glass beads and hung them on an indoor plant and one on the knob of the door.


  1. Rolling newspaper is a task. Needs a lot of patience. Long ago I tried to make jewellery from paper beads. I have never repeated the attempt.
    Well done!!

    1. Thanks Deepa. Its true it requires patience, but once you get hooked to it, it's easy.

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