Friday, November 9, 2018

Jung Falls, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Jung Falls, Madhur Falls, Nuranang Falls

The Tawang trip in the early April of 2018 was a memorable one. We were all set for Tawang, left Dirang town in the morning by car. Just after passing the Jung town we get to witness the magnificent Jung falls. This is also known by Madhuri falls as the famous Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit danced here for her movie Koyla. We weren't aware of this, and after the driver passed this tidbit we immediately checked how the falls looked in the movies. Awesome no doubt even on reels.

Jung Falls, Madhur Falls, Nuranang Falls

This fall is known by many names. It's also named after Nuranang who was the accomplice to famous Indian soldier Jaswant Singh in Indo-China war.
The hills itself presented the beautiful picture, in between we could see terrace farming, tiny wooden houses. I guess the season has just started.
Around early afternoon we arrived at Jung falls. Our driver told us to have leisure time ourselves and said he is going to have small nap. He expected us to have a gala time but it soon started drizzling and later turned to pouring.
We can go down to almost to the base of the falls.  On the way down to the falls, there is a small hydel power substation which generates power from the waterfall. The falls itself is 100 Mts high divided into two levels. During the time we went the river wasn't that deep but the currant was fierce. Since its just the beginning of spring the water was obviously cold. It's picturesque, you get awed by the natures beauty and all you can do is drink all the beauty in front of you.

Jung Falls, Madhur Falls, Nuranang Falls

There are no amenities if you are looking for one. Had it not been pouring I would have also danced like Madhuri -:) It's meagerly crowded unlike other tourist spots. It's understandable since beautiful Arunachal is yet to be discovered.

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