Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Paper Bag flowers

What do you do with the paper bag that comes with your shopping? Me, I put gift inside and give it to the intended person or use them for carrying light things till they are worn out. This time the designs on the paper bag made me do these simple flowers. While doing them I realized the underneath of the paper is white. But since this idea was already in my mind I decided to proceed and do them. Tell me what do you think of them.
Things you need..
  • Paper bag preferably same color on both sides
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Small pom poms of your choice
  • Floral wire and tape.
1. Cut open the paper bag carefully from all four sides .
2. Make horizontal stripes and fold each stripe of desired width of the petal.
3. Cut the petals to the desired shape. For these flowers I used 5 petals each.

 4. I used small brown pom pom. Take desired length of floral wire for the stem. I made few longer and some shorter stems whose length was like half of my palms. Insert the pop pom through it. 

5. Take another floral wire and tie each petal around the stem and the center tightly. The flower now would be in closed shape.

6. Take the green color floral tape for the stem and wrap it around the floral wire.
7. Open all the petals carefully.
8. Put them into vase and enjoy!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Paper Reed flowers

Hello my dear friends, readers wish you all a wonderful 2015.. Hope it brings you lot of joy, and happiness!!  
Pinterest is awesome place to explore creativity with paper. Creating paper reeds is a great way to recycle your old magazines. So many amazing things can be created from these paper reeds! Coasters, basket, frames.. the list is endless.
Most of DIY by me don't see the blogging world :)), because it would have turned out not so nice, or a total failure or sometimes I am simply lazy to post it.  As a new resolution I am posting here reed flowers that I made from the paper reeds.  
First you need to make lots of paper reeds. Doing paper straw or reed is pretty simple. Follow this tutorial here for making paper reeds
Flatten these straw like reeds by rolling them against a pen. This is bit tough if the reed is strong. 
Start rolling the flattened reed around the same pen. Put a dot of glue/fevicol in the end to prevent it from unrolling.
Join these circles in a flower fashion using fevicol and later tie them with colorful threads for stability.