Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DIY: Pistachio shells tea light holder

Pistachio Shells Tea Light holder
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It's days of Diwali celebrations in India and it's a tradition to exchange and gift dry fruits among other gifts. So while you are eating those pistachios, don't toss away those pistachio shells and instead make something beautiful out them. I and my kids made tea light holder from these shells. Here are the easy steps to do these.
Things you need corrugated cardboard, glue(fevicol), pistachio shells, tea lights, scissor, pencil.
  • Cut out circle of about 4 inch diameter of cardboard. 
  • Place the tea light at the center. Draw the rough outline of the tea light.
  • Apply glue on the rim of the cardboard. Start sticking the pistachio shells upside down. The base should be inside towards the circle and the pointed end should be pointing out. Wait for at least 15 min to for it to dry.

  • Start sticking the second round of the shells on the first round of shells.
  •  Continue till you reach the penciled circle. And you are done!!
We did about four of these. My son insisted on coloring one, but it wasn't  pretty as the natural one.
Have a wonderful and happy Deepavali folks.....