Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Recycled Jute Vase

I love Jute and to recycle anything possible. Having length of Jute twines at home made me to think of recycling a can into a vase. These cans were lying with me when we bought Fastrack watches last year.
Its super easy and only takes less than an hour.

Things you need :
1. Jute twines ( The length depends on the can)
2. Colorful yarn Pom Poms
3. Fevicol
4. Needle and thread.
5. Can(Tin or any material)

1. I started from the base of the can and worked way up to the top. Apply thick line of glue to the base/bottom of the can. Start sticking the jute twine. After sticking one round around the can, wait for five minutes for the glue to dry.

2. Apply glue in a thick line around the can and stick the twine close together. There should not be any gap.

3. After a couple of rounds of sticking, stich the pom pom to the twine and continue gluing and sticking.

4. Stich the pom pom at required interval and continue sticking,gluing till you reach the top.

5. Voila!! You are done..

I used pom pom because they are easy to create. You can try sticking other things like felt flowers, paper flowers, buttons or beads onto jute.

Since Jute and the color green make an excellent pair, I took a small bottle and placed some leaves and plants..

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mango... in progress

In India, it's the time for the Mango fruit tree to produce beautiful off white to pale yellow blooms.  The mango tree in my backyard garden is no exception. I am waiting eagerly for the spring to arrive to see them developing into tiny tender mangoes.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Have a nice weekend!

Yesterday while pruning my plants I gathered these Tulsi flowers. Instead of being thrown away, they are now sitting prettily on the breakfast table. Wonderful way to invite the weekend. Have a nice weekend everyone!