Thursday, August 27, 2015

Flower power

Who doesn't like to have flowers at home? A single bloom can make a great difference to the look of your home. Having flowers at home is the display of your creativity. They add grace, charm, bring good luck, and enhance positive energy in home.
While arranging the flowers, keep in mind that the height of the flowers depends on the type of the vase. Tall vases demand the long stalks while with smaller vases you can put short stalked flowers.Trim them and add some green foliage to break the monotony of the flowers.
The flower arrangement need not be always expensive. Ditch the traditional way and have flowers in small mason jars.  When bunched together in small container, it can create an interesting coffee table setting.

Otherwise, tie them with twines or wires and hang them onto windows.

Bring out your vintage copper or brass containers, arrange ordinary flowers in them and see the difference they make.

Wrap the glass bottle with colorful yarns, dollies and fill them with the contrasting flowers.

Taking the cue from above I have put few dried flowers in jute wrapped glass bottle.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wrist band for Independence Day

Hello Amigos!!!

Indian Independence day is on 15th August, I am sure all of us have plans to celebrate it. For me it includes participating in the community flag hoisting, attending my kids school celebrations, decorating home with tri colors.
Every year we buy some or the other thing for the kids to show off their love for the country and they forget about it sooner or later. The next year again we are coaxed to buy, be it the wrist band, brooches or flags. This time we made few tri-color paper wrist bands. They are extremely easy to do, fast, easy on pockets and eco friendly. More over, it's done it themselves feeling for the kids. All it takes is the colored papers and some quality time with kids.

Here is the YouTube tutorial. I took about 2 inch square sided colored sheets and fevicol. All three color bands were made as per the video, I joined all of them with drops of fevicol.

Hope you all have a wonderful independence day. Jai Hind..

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dastkar Nature Bazaar 2015, Bengaluru

Hello there!!!
I had a fabulous time last weekend visiting the much awaited Dastkar Nature Bazaar 2015. I had been waiting for this from a long time and my wait was worth. For us, the people who hardly visit North Bangalore, it was bit difficult to locate Manpho Convention Center Grounds. We faced heavy traffic on our way, I thought my family would backlash me for this but I thank them sincerely for their once in a while devoted patience.
All stalls were colorful, a visual treat for your eyes, I had a hard time in deciding what to buy. At first we had a glance of all stalls to see what is in store.

The patchwork bags, accessories, sling bags, key chains. 

Banana fiber products from Karnataka

Metal crafts from Chattisgarh. I fell in love with the tree, later when I came back for it, it was gone. So sad...

If it is craft exhibition how can we miss the famous Madhubani paintings from Bihar.

The lambani's and their jewelry from Karnataka. Later this woman gave demo of her working. 

Pattachitras from Odisha.

Traditional games

Some miniatures..

 Beautiful baskets

Colorful small pouches, paper wind chimes. I am going to try doing this wind chime at home.

Leather works from Rajasthan.

 Embroidered bags from Gujarat

We bought couple of things which were expensive. After coming home in retrospection, we realized that we should have bought some lesser priced ones. It was bit disappointment compared to the craft melas in other cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad. The stalls were less in number but definitely more when compared to other craft fairs in Chitrakala Parishat.
Hope you get to visit this bazaar which is till August 16th.