Monday, January 30, 2017

Camper Van and other projects

Hello folks, thank you all for your comments on my previous post on Dot Painting.
I finally completed my Camper Van cross stitch project. But it did not turn out the way it has to be -) I missed many things due to poor chart which I had saved on the mobile. I chose couple of wrong colors. You must commend me for my patience as this was my second attempt. My first one was a disaster since I chose my own color combination and could not complete it. Although the chart says Anchor threads, I didn't find the same number in the shop. I have been doing this for almost a month and my son is asking me why I am doing, redoing the same thing again and again.

VW Camper Van

These are few Madhubani paintings I did, hoping that my husband would gift his colleagues in Germany during his visit. But that didn't happen, as I wasn't satisfied with it. 

Madhubani Sun

Madhubani Fishes

New flowers are blooming in my garden. This Rangoon Creeper has been there from two years, only growing but not flowering. I don't remember doing anything special but the magic happened. I was desperately waiting for the creeper to flower from long time and finally the days have come. I love the fragrance of it. Soon I have to trim it as many of the plants aren't getting sunlight due its blocking branches. My MIL wondered why on the earth did I plant this where in this was considered a weed plant in my native.

Rangoon Creeper

My husband has re-attempted growing Red Amaranthus. This Amaranthus is typical to Coastal regions in Karnataka and they are so delicious. I only have to guard them from couple of stray cows. We have encroached the unused footpath area in front of our house. This is the only place which gets maximum direct sunlight and very convenient for watering.

Red Amaranthus

So, this is what is happening in the month of January in my world. Come to think of it, it got over so quickly. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Dot Art to decorate

A very happy and prosperous new year to all my dear readers. I have been too busy to post anything. According to latest article in prime newspaper of India, Indian women are most stressed out. I think it's so true in most of our cases whether we are employed or homemakers. While sometime when I am awake in middle of the night, I would be thinking what should I do tomorrow, what should I cook, what should I pack for lunch etc.,. I keep reminding myself to take everything slow and love what you do at least once a day.
Coming to my post today, it's simple and I think you need to have a very little artistic talents. It's the dot painting.

Dot Painting

Dot painting are part of the Australian Aboriginal art form. They are done using naturally available materials. It's vibrant, interesting, aesthetic, and these arrays of pattern of dots may seem meaning less to us but they do have some meaning to the Aboriginal artists. Each painting tells a story and are hidden sacred meaning, known only to the artist, hidden to the westerners. More about this art read from here

Dot Painting

What I have done doesn't have any serious meaning but inspired by Aboriginal art. I created few simple art just to decorate my home walls. I drew the design on a handmade colored sheet roughly and used ear buds to put drops of acrylic paint on the design. If you want smaller dots then do let little paint drip from the ear buds(just a small touch to the paper)and for larger dots drip more paint. Do not add water to the Acrylic Paint, use as it is from the bottle.
My art teacher mentioned about these kind of Painting, and the first one was done in our class. This was done on a green colored fine handmade paper.

Dot Painting

My husband had a T-Shirt bought as a souvenir from a recent trip and I loved the elephant face so much that I wanted to try that using dot painting. My second attempt was this.

 Dot Painting

So how did you like my painting? Want to try yourself? Have a wonderful, and happy year ahead.

Dot Painting