Friday, May 5, 2017

Works in April

Hello there..
I have been totally away from the blog land. Lot of issues like health, kids exams and then vacation etc. I was present here but my mind inactive for a while. The soaring heat even in the Garden City like Bangalore has added to the list of issues. So here are few things I did in the past month..

I completed a Madhubani painting. This painting had few empty white space, and in the end I messed up by adding more leaves in black color.  I am owl fan and I always wanted to paint owl in Madhubani and this is achieved. I am soon going to try new one as I am not satisfied.

I completed two small level embroideries. These were just to fill the void in the ready kurthas that I bought. I know you would say there is nothing great here,  and I agree to that 😊. Only thing is that the tops have become more wearable like.

What is fascinating nowadays in the silk thread jewelry. Recently I just happened to attend a small party in one of our neighbors and that lady had called her friend who was into Silk Thread jewelry. I saw them and thought I could also try them at home. So for the start up, I just completed a couple of them. I kept them very simple without any embellishments.

So what's happening at your end? Thanks for visiting...