Monday, July 25, 2016

Styling your Coffee Table

If there is one thing I love to do most with my home then it is decorating my coffee table.
Coffee table is an focal point that is looked upon as soon as someone enters your living room.  There are n number of ways to experiment with it looks and here are few of my favorites approaches.

Creating a vignette
The main idea of creating vignette is to create a mood with the still life objects and color co-coordinating these objects. Its simple, take a large tray and arrange few things of your likes like Buddha, vase, sea shells, boxes, jewelry, green plant, planters, candles etc.,  in it. Coffee table and the vignettes tell you about your tastes, likes and gives the personal touch to the living room. I keep changing these vignettes, some times its all brass wares, vase with fresh flowers, idols or sometimes just some shells and flowers in the pickle jars. I personally like to go for the natural trays like bamboo, or the grass,rattan trays that we get in the craft and handicrafts exhibitions in India.

Coffee table book
Coffee table is incomplete without the books and you should display books if you have a large table. Many large, heavy books are available exclusively to be displayed on the coffee table. This could show your interests in the books and become a conversational topic among your guests. I sometimes put magazines on the table.

Table runner
Deck up your table with an elegant table runner that matches the overall d├ęcor of the room. Remember it should go well with your sofa upholstery and the color of your walls. There are so many options available both online as well as many home decor shops offline. Fun part is that you can keep changing them according to your vignette and have throws/cushions to match them. If you like to stitch and embroider, put up your hand embroidered, or an applique work on display.

Flower Vases/Small planters
Choose a flower vase depending on the size of the room and the table. Fresh flowers are always welcoming but in case you are short of time to buy fresh flowers, choose artificial ones with best imitation. A short or a flat flower vase if you are keeping with other things.If you have green thumb then choose some succulent in attractive planters.

Here are two ways in which I have styled my coffee table.

My Coffee Table

Having said all the above things do not clutter your table. Keep it simple and well arranged.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Small tour of my garden

When it comes to garden I am very much greedy. I want to grow every possible plant in the small space that we have. But its difficult due to reasons like --
We visit our native with family at least thrice a year days ranging from four days to two weeks. In our absence taking care of plants is done by a helper for whom I am always grateful. When we return, we find some plants would have died unknowingly.

In spite of this I have kept few pots in the balcony and around the house, before going out of station, I have bring down all pots from balcony, pots kept indoors for watering in our absence.

My garden is looking neat now, the secret is that we laid new grass. It not only adds green color but gives a sense of completeness. I am not sure how long would this picture lasts as soon, we face the termite problem.

Thanks to the Facebook group 'Organic Terrace Gardening' I have decided to take gardening seriously. I have been procrastinating the vegetable gardening all this while because of
* Monkey,rat menace
* Requires daily care and maintenance, pest controlling.
But there are so many people around us who have made a point to grow their own veggies. If it's possible for them, it should be possible for me too, moreover I have more time now than earlier.

I have grown few veggies outside my home. I just started with fenugreek seeds it was going well. But yesterday morning when I see it is attacked by the rat.

The star of my garden is the White Butterfly Ginger Lily. You can smell it even from inside the house. I bought this tuber from my mothers place and always remind me of the rainy childhood days where  these flowers used to adorn our hair.

white butterfly ginger lily

The rain has made few new buds to come up in Red Ixora plant

Red Ixora

I love Milkweed plant, as the name suggests its mostly grows like a weed bearing most vibrant flowers. I often cut them and put it into small vases.

My Purple Heart plant is growing in hanging pot.

Purple Heart

There were/are lots of  Pomegranate flowers, small fruits but we didn't get any fruits to eat this year, everything went to the monkeys. 


Hope you have enjoyed my mini garden tour. Coming up next is the coffee table decor. Have a nice day folks!!!