Friday, January 7, 2011

New year is in

The new year is in and the old gone. Although not a best way to spend the new year, we spent it travelling. Our Christmas vacation was spent with our in-laws and my parents. Travelling back we took a new route instead of our regular Saligrama-Hebri-Agumbe-Shimoga-Tumkur route. As advised by my father we decided to try the Agumbe-Sringeri-Aldur-Belur-Hasan route this time. The road was good because it was less travelled but it was too curvy. Pranav wasn't feeling the previous night so all the way he was vomiting. After some time we has another patient in our car that was my sis in-law. She was feeling dizzy. I understood why this road was less travelled despite being good. We were wondering when we would hit the straight road. On the way we saw lot of coffee plantations and one Tea plantation. Pranav got a Chance to see the coffee plant and its seeds. In between there were many small waterfalls but didn't make any stop anywhere as we had to reach B'lore as soon as possible. I was glad that we took a road that was less travelled. Had lunch in Shri Krishna in Hassan which was bad.
Finally reached B'lore around 4:30 PM. I came home and cooked some Kochakki ganji and devoured with mouth watering pickle.

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