Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pumpkins, too much of them

When God gives he gives in lots. This is so true in case of Pumpkins grown in our house. We never intended to sow the seed. Initially when it started growing we were not sure which creeper it was. I and my husband decided to wait and watch. But I had a doubt in my mind that it should be the sweet pumpkin. We didn't take out plant and just let it off to spread and grow in the neighbouring empty site. This is one advantage of having no next neighbours. Flowers started to bloom and after few days just thought to have a look. My god as many as 10 pumpkins were ready to be cut. Pumpkin not being one of our favourite, we take at least a month to finish off a single pumpkin. So P took them to his office and distributed among his colleagues and few were taken to relatives. Then after a few days a new problem started. A big rat started visiting our compound via this creeper and started creating a havoc. It started to dig a hole everywhere. Finally we decided enough was enough and to kill this creeper and we did it(I felt sad to do this). In the end we managed to get around 15-20 pumpkins. We had to dispose this off somehow. We were hoping that a nearby Hopcoms guy would take it but alas he refused to do so. We waited for a week and sold in the weekly Jigani market for rs 5 for a KG. It came to 48 Kg on a whole and instead got other vegetables for that money.

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