Monday, December 17, 2012

My garden December 2012

New blooms of Bougainvillea, lavender and the oranges. Only problem with them is pruning. Every time I prune it I have scratches over my hand.

Sorry state of our lawn.
Our lawn is usually infested by termites and we apply chemical fertilizer to minimize the infestation. So far we have applied thrice in two years but this time we decided to tackle in organic way. So my husband applied urea directly on to them. I have told thousand times not to do this but he has done this couple of times and killed few plants here and there. Later he applied neem powder to them. As a results we have even badder looking grass, never ever follow this.

Rapidly spreading Thunbergia blue creeper. They are every where in our front garden and have taken the Bougainvillea plants for the support.

Umbrella plant growing tall against the windows.

Dwarf variegated umbrella plant and the dark pink rose. I tried to propagate the variegated umbrella plant, but I wasn't successful.
Roses are very hungry plants and always in need of nourishment, otherwise they fail to bloom. One of the thumb rule you should follow for roses are pruning and fertilizing. Luckily I stay in the outskirts of the city so I have access to the cow dung manure. Every month I mix the fresh cowdung with less than equal proportion of neem powder, dilute the mixture with water and apply to the plants.

Lastly my pomegranate which has so far given us around 10 fruits tasting good.

Hope you enjoyed my garden!


  1. Oh, lovely! I like your garden.

  2. aw soo nice, it does not feel as if it belongs to dusty, busy bangalore:) beautiful