Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Window makeover

If there is any place in my home which I dislike that would be our bed room's king sized window. Why?
1. It is high, I can't open/close it without the help of stool.
2. Due to west facing, it lets in lot of sunlight in the afternoon.
Somehow I am not convinced with the idea of putting vertical blinds to this window, so I covered the half of the window with curtains. The other half  i.e. slanting in size lets in lot of afternoon sunlight directly on the bed, making difficult to take nap.

We knew we had to fix this problem by consulting an interior decorator and but we keep on postponing it. 
A recent visit to Mahabalipuram, I had an idea, which would lessen the problem. While shopping, I found these hangings made from the sea chips. So we bargained two of them for Rs 700 and bought them.
I dis-tangled them(didn't have the heart to do it) and made them to linear hangings.

For time being I have just tied them to the window railings. These hangings block the sunlight to some extent.

The best part of the project, like to see the shadow it creates in the evening!


  1. wow, that is really a cool project! loved the idea!

  2. Yes the shadows are pretty to view. By the by i like the wall stand behind much dear.

  3. That is a really nice idea...a pretty and functional idea indeed Vasudha

  4. you did good job vasudha...I like it more than original :) our master bedroom is also west facing and I hate how hot it gets in summer :)

  5. Hey, girls thanks a lot for your good feedback..

  6. Hey, the window looks amazing and so does the shadow

  7. This is lovely!
    I have done something similar with a bed spread for my skylights.
    Thank you for visiting :)

  8. cool idea! love the sea shells!