Friday, May 24, 2013

Kumta Onions

If there is one thing common in the houses of coastal Karnataka it would be onions from Kumta. They are pink, medium sized and have long strands. These onions are sweet and less pungent unlike the regular ones.
These onions are grown in winter in few selected villages around Kumta, North Kanara. The coastal climate and the soil is best suited to grow these onions.
Since they have more water content they cannot be stored for long time unless one take lot of precautions to preserve them.
These onions come to market in the month of  April. They are available in most of the grocery shops in the coastal regions as well as few Mangalore stores in Bangalore.

Once we buy them from the shops, sun dry them for 3-4 days.

 Make a plait out of the stands.

 Tie them to any pole high near the ceiling.

These onions are a must when some non coconut dish is prepared at home. If you are from coastal Karnataka you would know what I mean -:)


  1. i have seen white onions in coastal maharashtra...and they are hung similarly so as to keep them dry.:)

  2. Missed your posts Vasudha! glad to have see you back in action!

    the onion bunched up looks so gorgeous!

  3. Glad to see you back Vasudha...I think summer vacation kept you busy. We miss Indian onions here..we get so many variety here but they don't Taste as good as our Indian ones :)