Monday, October 27, 2014

Diwali Kandeel

With Deepavali fever still on, all the Indian home décor websites are brimming with Diwali celebration pictures and ideas, I am sharing with you something I did for Deepavali. 
It's a must in our home to hang the Akasha Deepa or Goodu Deepa(Kannada) or Kandeel on the first day of Deepavali. Its generally lighted from dusk to dawn and believed that whosoever have died in the family visit us during this time, it's a good gesture to invite them to bless us.

In old times lanterns were done at home with color papers, home made glue, bamboo etc,, these days you get them easily in the market.
Preparing Kandeel at home was always on my mind and Priti from Kwikdeko has shared about doing Kandeel with handmade paper. The process details are given out well and as she says it requires a lots of patience..

It didn't turn out as Priti's but never the still our Diwali Kandeel was ready and hung.

Could not do the same designs  but what I did was that  folded the paper and cut designs using the scissors. For the plain side, the Warli figures were drawn..
I made a mistake of sticking a bamboo blind along the length instead of the said cardboard piece. Hence all the four pieces turned out to be stiff, the end result was slightly out of shape...



  1. Very beautiful and awesome Akasha Deepa which prepared by you. The warli paintings you drawn on cardboard are simply superb.

    Happy Diwali wishes to you and best wishes for your career and personal goals.

    Please look into my Diwali message Lamps of India which i posted in my Heritage of India blog and share your valuaable comments.

  2. Very pretty. The color of the paper gives earthy look...