Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flowers of Sim's Park, Coonoor, Tamilnadu, India..

We had been to Ooty, Coonoor in the first week of November. Ooty as expected has changed so much since last time I visited as a kid. All I remembered was munching carrots, fragrance of eucalyptus trees, unbearable cold and rolling on the lawns of Botanical gardens.
During our stay we visited Sim's Park in Coonoor. Could not resist sharing few pics of blooming beauties. While admiring them all I could wish was bringing and growing them here in Bangalore. I did bring lot of seeds and about 12 saplings each costing 10 bucks.. I have to wait and see whether they like Bangalore or not.
This is picture heavy post, hope you enjoy it. All clicks by my husband...