Friday, April 3, 2015

Tube Man - Craft for kids

The summer vacation has begun for most of the kids here in Bangalore, India. Well it's relaxing, fun time for the kids but I am sure most of the moms would have a tough time controlling them, keeping them occupied for the day.
Here is one of the craft that we did recently. This was originally published in one of text book activities section. We have done few twists and made it more fun.

Things you need

  1. Colored A4 sheets. For this we used red, yellow and white. You can altogether do away with color papers and use the colors instead. My kids are messy with colors so I find using color papers are more neat way of doing.
  2. Black acrylic colors
  3. Black marker pen
  4. News paper - 4 sheets
  5. Tape small or big
  6. Glue.
  7. Small jug with water.
  8. Black cardboard sheet for mustache.
  9. Scissors.


  • Take the paper sheets, roll them together into a tube.
  • Put a tape at the edges so that roll doesn't unroll/open.
  • Cover this entire roll with the color paper leaving about 5 inch in the top for the hair.
  • Start cutting the upper portion into thin strips(these would be the hairs of the tube man)
  • Take a jug and fill with water. Put black acrylic color into it. Mix it well. 
  • Invert the roll and dip the roll this water and let it completely dry. Take care not to dip too deep as the water may dribble into the body of the tube. Alternatively you can use a paint brush and color these strips.
  • Cut out two small circles for the eyes, mustache, mouth, tie and stick them all.
  • We realized that step 3 can be done after coloring the hair.
And you are done. Have fun!
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