Monday, July 13, 2015

Indoor plants, beautiful homes

Bringing in the plants indoors is one of best way to liven up any space. With some effort you can turn any corner to green spot, love and enjoy.  Having them not only cleans air but  also beautifies your home. Choose some easy growing, low maintenance indoor plants so that even if you neglect it for a couple of days, they survive. Choose planters which can be easily shifted indoors to outdoors and other way round. I always try to choose bright and colorful pots.
Displaying them among the books or in library.

Look at these shelves. Isn't it cute? This might be more suitable in a balcony garden but I loved these colorful planters.

Look at this beautiful plant in old tin can. Isn't it awesome?

 I have so many pots small/big displayed in many nooks and corners of my home which I would soon share in coming post. Most of the people who visit us, would first touch these plants to make sure that they are for real -:)  


  1. A very refreshing post Vasudha...loved the arrangement.

  2. A very refreshing post Vasudha...loved the arrangement.

  3. The plants look so good indoors! You must be very creative! I would have killed most of them indoors! hahahhaa....

  4. Lovely pictures. I too come across the same experience, people touching the leaves to understand whether they are real or not. Looking forward to pics from your home.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. Keep visiting!!!

  6. I love indoor plants. They add so much character to the room decor :)


  7. Just love your home. Bringing greenery inside home has added so much elegance :)