Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Book Review : Panchatantra by VishnuSharma, retold by Vrinda Varma

Panchatantra Review
I bought this book recently for myself and to read it to my younger son. The Panchatantra as most of us know, is collection of stories written by Pandit VishnuSharma around 200 B.C.  They are one of the most sought after book for children and many Indians like me would have listened from our elders. These are one of the oldest fables written to inculcate moral values, kindness, wisdom among children. These stories have been told and passed on from generations to generations.
About the book : These stories were written by VishnuSharma to educate the there sons of king Amarashakti.  The name "Panchatantra" means Five("Pancha") Stratergy(Tantra).The book is divided into five sections each one dealing with ways and strategies to live and lead a prosperous life in this world. The stories are written as stories within stories, however you can read any of the story randomly. These stories are accompanied  by beautiful illustrations by K.R.Raji keeps you mesmerized. The language is simple enough to understand by young kids, each story having a moral at the end. This book is published by Mangobooks.

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