Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kids Art : A quick art [Heart]

These days kids are so addicted to the gadgets that worrying about it makes your hair turn grey even earlier than it's time. My sons are no exception and nor me. I am more worried since my younger one is still in the U.K.G and it's half day school for him. After noon is spent on the T.V and he doesn't move an inch while watching the repeat programs. I occasionally try to break this mad routine by engaging him in some activities. These activities have to be short as his patience wears out soon. Here is a quick art project which would hardly take less than an hour to complete but excitement is long lasting.

Heart Card

Things you need cardboard sheet( I used waste handmade paper which was good on one side), ear buds(three), poster colors(White and red), some heavy material(jam bottle).

Cut out card in the form of greeting card from your card stock.
Make and cut a heart shape out of the card board an place it on the center of the card and place something heavy on the so that this heart doesn't move while you progress through your art.
Mix the color. We used three shades. Red, mix of red and white to get light pink and dark pink color. Let your child do this so that he/she learns about color mixing.

Dip ear buds in each color and just randomly place it on the card. Continue this without leaving any gaps.
Remove your heart shape after the paint dries.
Write something nice inside you card and present it to your loved ones.


  1. Great idea! would make a perfect card for valentine's day. You have a lovely blog btw :)

  2. These are good activities for kids. Nicely made.

  3. Thanks Ranjana, Anuradha. Anitha good to see here and hope you all keep visiting my blog.

  4. Oh how pretty! Lovely work and good for kids of all ages :-)