Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stitching Time: Cross Stitch project

Finishing off limited data pack means more concentration on the craft projects and less time on the Internet. Yes, I finished our subscribed data pack way before it's renewal date. I was Internet addicted and I had to find some ways to get de-addicted.
Taking inspiration from the fellow bloggers I returned to my half done cross stitch project. I had abandoned it because of lack of threads. First thing I did was to immediately get threads and set upon to finish it.
Cross Stictch

This one is tribal motif taken from the book by Dorothy Wood. It has beautiful projects few in Anchor and few in using the DMC threads. For this I used the home cleaning cloth(mop cloth) and 6 strands of the anchor skein and finished it in no time. Laugh at me for my choice of fabric but I found it cute to use as a microwave oven cover. The border in the book was a different one, in rhombus shape but I found it difficult to count on the type of fabric I had chosen. So I had my own border.
Meanwhile I am also working on recycling my aunts sari. The fabric is poly cotton and I am hoping that it would be good.

Sari Recycling

Have a nice month ahead everyone!!!


  1. Good that you were off the web and used your time creatively!! Nice cross stitch!! It doesn't matter what resources we use, the satisfaction and pleasure out of crafting is more important :)

  2. Thanks Preeti.. Nothing great when compared to the kind of cross stitch work that you do -:))

  3. Thanks Meghana and Shree Vidya. Meghana good to see you here.

  4. That was a beautiful piece of cross stitch! even i tend to finish my data pack way before it's renewal date ;)