Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crepe paper twine ball

Ever since I saw a twisted crepe paper twine in Reliance Timeout, I wanted to try doing it myself. Well, after doing one, I realized making crepe paper twine is not that difficult. I used few of it for gift wrapping. I tried making ball of it later. Here is how I did it. I did three of them, first one turned out to be best. Other two didn't come out well as the balloon I used were not of perfect round shape

Step 1.
Cut the crepe paper into one inch stripes.

Step 2.
Start twisting the papers into thin twines.
Step 3.
Start joining all the individual twisted twines by sticking them together with the glue

Step 4.
Blow up a small balloon, apply thin coat of Vaseline all over it.

Step 5.
Take few drops of synthetic gum and put equal amount of water into it. Apply this mixture on the balloon.

Step 6.
Start putting the twines all around the balloon, completely covering it.

Step 7.
Leave under the fan overnight

Step 8.
Next day the balloon would have shrunken, if not wait for it to shrink naturally.

Step 9.
Once its completely shrunken, pierce the balloon and take it out from the ball.

Although the photos aren't that good(I am very bad in taking photos), believe me it looks good.

This is how I kept it for time being.

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  1. super cool, I always wanted to do these. I tried once with jute thread, but that was not successful. I'll try this. Thanks for sharing.