Saturday, March 24, 2012

What ever happened to my plant?

How many of us buy a plant on an impulse without thinking how to take care of it? I top in this category.
I have this golden philodendron growing well since the day it was bought. There were two shoots grown so I thought to cut one branch and plant in another pot. You see this is been my backup plan always.

Initially the plant refused to adjust, no matter where it was kept. Later it grew, but the leaves always looking dull, folded at the edges. I changed the places so many times, watered daily and what not to make it look healthy.
Came December, I went to my native place keeping all my plants outside for watering in my absence. When I came back I had a pleasant surprise. The plant looked like it had some life. So I thought may be it likes the company of other plants.

But after few days the same state. Drooping leaves.
Sentimental me bought the plant inside and kept it near its mother but still no improvement.
So the last option left is to re-pot, and googling about how to take care of this plant. I am sure Google won't let me down.
I am extremely ashamed to show the last image. This image was just taken before re-potting the plant. While doing this I observed the water was not draining. May be this is the reason why the plant never thrived.


  1. I can understand your emotions, I've been through this. I've lost plants just coz I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I hope your plant is on the way to recovery :)

    I love the design on the pot. Did you do it or you got the pot like that.

    1. Hi Anisha, thanks for your wishes. I did the designs on the pots, just to make it pretty, out of boredom. I know it might be washed off in future, but I am enjoying the view till they lasts.