Monday, March 5, 2012

Magazine Reed Box

I had seen this magazine reed box at Craftzine long back and wanted to try it sometime. I decided to turn a sturdy shoe box into a reed box. Here are the results..

It hasn't turned out to be as great that as shown in Craftzine but I learnt couple of valuable lessons.
1. I thought making a magazine reed is very simple, but I realized it is not so. As says in the instructions, placing the skewer at 45 degree is IMPORTANT.

2. I just read the instructions twice probably, overlooked many things.
So after making few reeds, I glued them to one side of the box. After gluing, it was the time to cut the reeds to the length, exactly that of the box. Here I failed miserably. The reeds weren't getting cut evenly by the scissor. Later I read the instructions carefully, there is one sentence which says 'you can also cut the reeds to size before you glue them in place'. Then it was simple.
Now I am more confident for my next magazine reed project.


  1. Your reed box looks colorful and quite neat, considering it's your first time trying. Handmade things are such a joy, isn't it? Do you plan to store something special in it?

  2. This is very nice...thanks for dropping by at my blog.

  3. Yeah, handmade things bring happiness to self. I have put embroidery threads in them, keeping out of reach from my two year old son. The moment he sees it, he will try to pull out the reeds.

  4. Hi Vasudha.
    Nice blog and very creative ideas. I used to make there reed boxes and trays about 2 decades back :-) Then i graduated to some paper sculptures... Will post about them sometime.

  5. Thanks Sangeeta. I have been your blogs fan since long time and love to check out your blogs whenever I have time.

  6. Very brilliant loved the red box over ur magazine box