Friday, June 28, 2013

June so far

I am been away for a while, reasons few.
1. My younger son has started schooling, and those were anxious days. Both me and him feeling sad for couple of weeks. Him sad, as he started to be away from me, and myself sad, I could not bear him sobbing and feel myself harsh for pushing such a toddler to school. Now both of us have got over it -:).

2. Dull, grey mornings and day, which makes me lazy and sit idle.

A recent visit of guests, who were all in praise for our little garden. That lifted my spirits up, and made me plant couple of Hibiscus plants. I bargained it for Rs 45 each from Bannerghatta weekly market.
This one, sure of surviving, but the other I think will die in few weeks.

It's literally raining lemons in my garden. So I am distributing lemons to all who visit my house, neighbours, etc.,. I don't see any new flowers so there may not be new lemons for sometime.

I told four families of Daily Dump, two of them hopefully should begin home composting.

Malabar Spinach growing tall. This was propagated from stem cuttings of the mother plant. We planted  in a patch of land where most of the plants so far refused to thrive. I am waiting and watching what happens to this.

Lastly caterpillar(Kambali hula in Kannada) destroying all my small plants. I simply smash them.

 So how was your June? Have a nice weekend...

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