Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend snack fresh from garden.

The short spell of rains in B'lore has done well for my colocaesia leaves. There were almost 10-12 big leaves.We were expecting few guests next week, so before it caught thier eye, I decided to make Pathrode.
Pathrode is a coastal Karnataka recipe made mainly from Dosa rice and colocaesia leaves. As of I know people living in Western Indian Coastal area do similar kind of dish with colocaesia leaves.
Most of Colocaesia leaves when eaten produces itching in mouth. To reduce the itching remove the thick and thin veins at the back of leaves. My mom used to joke that those who are over smart, only they feel itching.

Well I am not posting the recipe here, but giving a good recipe over here. What I follow is almost similar except that I add more jaggery, cumin and coconut(almost double the quantity given).

There are many ways with Pathrode. For all these, the batter remains the same.

  • You can either cut the colocaesia leaves to small pieces and add it to the batter. Dilute the batter and make dosa of it.
  • You can paste the batter onto the leaves and then make small rolls. Cut rolls into thin slices, roast on heated tava applying lot of oil. 
  • You can make rolls and steam them(healthiest way). Eat when still hot with dollop of butter.
  • Steam the rolls, cut them to tiniest pieces,add tadka, shallow fry them using additional fresh coconut, jaggery.


  1. ahh, I am drooling at those Pathrodes Vasudha! Looks Yumm!

  2. I love snack prepared with these leaves. Though one which I prepare is not sweet, and it is filled with chana/moong dal paste.

    1. Hi Shalini, thanks a lot for dropping by. It's such a pleasure to meet fellow bloggers...