Thursday, August 27, 2015

Flower power

Who doesn't like to have flowers at home? A single bloom can make a great difference to the look of your home. Having flowers at home is the display of your creativity. They add grace, charm, bring good luck, and enhance positive energy in home.
While arranging the flowers, keep in mind that the height of the flowers depends on the type of the vase. Tall vases demand the long stalks while with smaller vases you can put short stalked flowers.Trim them and add some green foliage to break the monotony of the flowers.
The flower arrangement need not be always expensive. Ditch the traditional way and have flowers in small mason jars.  When bunched together in small container, it can create an interesting coffee table setting.

Otherwise, tie them with twines or wires and hang them onto windows.

Bring out your vintage copper or brass containers, arrange ordinary flowers in them and see the difference they make.

Wrap the glass bottle with colorful yarns, dollies and fill them with the contrasting flowers.

Taking the cue from above I have put few dried flowers in jute wrapped glass bottle.