Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wrist band for Independence Day

Hello Amigos!!!

Indian Independence day is on 15th August, I am sure all of us have plans to celebrate it. For me it includes participating in the community flag hoisting, attending my kids school celebrations, decorating home with tri colors.
Every year we buy some or the other thing for the kids to show off their love for the country and they forget about it sooner or later. The next year again we are coaxed to buy, be it the wrist band, brooches or flags. This time we made few tri-color paper wrist bands. They are extremely easy to do, fast, easy on pockets and eco friendly. More over, it's done it themselves feeling for the kids. All it takes is the colored papers and some quality time with kids.

Here is the YouTube tutorial. I took about 2 inch square sided colored sheets and fevicol. All three color bands were made as per the video, I joined all of them with drops of fevicol.

Hope you all have a wonderful independence day. Jai Hind..


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