Thursday, May 26, 2016

I am back..

Hello friends

I have been missing in action for a long time. When kids have summer vacation I do visit my parents and in laws. Although the holidays should be carefree, its the hardest time of the year where we spend our days in hot sultry coastal weather. Seriously, after returning back to Bangalore I felt I was in AC room.
While kids enjoyed their long break, my days were very busy in my mother place, it was either helping her or taking care of the ailing grandmother. At my in laws place its complete the opposite. I am totally free there and have to devise few things to keep myself occupied. In those times  I completed two books by Anirban Bose. They both were good and interesting reads. I also half completed a small cross stitch project taken from here . Since I had chosen my own colors set, the end is sure going to look different.

Anirban Bose

Airody Pai

My visit to native is never complete without visiting Airody Pai shop on Car Street of Udupi, Karnataka. This time I bought a brass utensil to use as a planter. The shopkeeper kept on praising how the utensil is hand made and blah blah, would not have if he had known the real reason I was buying it -:))
Airody Pai

Have a nice day everyone. I will be back soon with my small treasure from the sea in my next post.

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  1. Hey loved the planter.That's how we end up making a collection right?