Monday, June 13, 2016

Recycling for the Environment Day

Wall Clock Recycling

Hello friends, how are you doing? World Environment day was over a few days ago but that should not stop you from celebrating this day whole year. Here is one very tiny recycling project that I did a few days ago.
There are many things in our daily life that we throw away when no longer working or finished their shelf life. My analog clock was one such thing which under went repair twice and often took change in the batteries. I am being a green person was thinking to recycle it instead of  throwing it. For many months it laid low as a small stand and finally one fine day it caught my husband's fury. It was the time to act upon and I thought a good way to use it. I removed the internals of the clock.


Our native is on the west coast of India and its just 2 km from my home. For us the sea fascinating, the waves, sand and varieties of  sea shells. Visiting the beach is complete with few collection of shells every time.
What better way to store them in the clock, this way I had kill two birds with one stone.
It had plain brown frame so I just doodled something with acrylic paint. After painting it, I felt it didn't turn out to be that great. I sealed with the screws. For now it is more sitting like a photo, as I am a bit apprehensive about hanging it. 

Wall Clock Recycling
So tell me how did you like it? Have a nice day!!!!

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  1. This is very nice idea. Even I had recycled a clock with Warli paintings. Recycling is always good.

    1. Thanks Ranjana for visiting. Yes I have seen your work and that was inspiration for me to work on my clock.

  2. Beautiful, and such a great idea! :)

  3. Brilliant! Indeed you made a wise decision. I love the idea of up cycling and the outcome, the masterpiece that will be appreciated by many in future. In your case is this wonderful piece that reminds us of the beach :)