Friday, June 24, 2016

Quick Coasters

I seem to be doing a lot of recycle related posts nowadays. I promise, this would be last for this month. You must have seen my garden some time back which was a total wreck due to renovation and painting of our home. The good news is that the me and my husband have managed to resurrect it back. Yes, the plants seem to be forgiving and they have decided to cheer back. I would be soon sharing my garden.

Coming to my post, this is about making coasters out of your old CD's. In the age of pen drives, mobiles the CD's are almost obsolete. My son's few text book publications have have attached CD's along with them. I didn't know what to with them other than throwing them once the year passed by. I had this fabric which I loved and bought it cheap to wrap the boxes. I utilized the left over cloth for the CD's. The project is very very easy and hardly takes time provided you know the basics of stitching.
Things you need.
CD's, Cloth, Glue, matching thread, needle, scissor, something to trace the CD

With the CD trace the outline of the CD. Leave 2 cm more.

Cut the fabric.

Apply glue on both sides of the CD and lay down the fabric on both the sides of the CD. Let it dry. Take care to remove any creases.

Using the matching thread, stitch the rim of the fabric, I chose the simple blanket stitch and dark blue color,three strands.
Trim any extra threads.
Do not worry if its not perfect and enjoy your tea/coffee!!!!

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  1. That's a great idea !! :) thanks for sharing !
    If you still have more CDs from textbooks, then another alternative is to donate to village schools. I donate textbooks and CDs in working condition to 'Goonj' , they give it in rural schools if needed. They have branches in many cities. I use waste CDs for art n craft but that too we can recycle only few. Many corrupted ones I throw in e-waste boxes in office.
    Looking forward to your garden. I have also started raising seedlings but weather is so unpredictable these days, most of the seedlings are dying.

  2. That's a very novel idea Preeti. I would love to donate them to the needy ones, especially the notebooks which are almost 3/4 the empty and keep piling up every year.

  3. These look great and love the CD inside, fabulous! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  4. You have a great blog. I like your recycle crafts. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to leave your comments.

    1. You too have a great blog Ms Sharma. Thanks for your visit.

  5. Look very nice with the vibrant blue colors.
    But if tea spills on it, how to clean/wash it?

    1. Ha ha good question Ranjana. Since we stich the border, and since it's made of cloth it should b possible to wash. I haven't given much thought into it since they are made and shared in a jiffy :)))

  6. Coasters look awesome Vasudha. love the idea!...specially the color and print of fabric...i just love the block printed cotton fabric and blue shades...badly missing those here ...

  7. Beautiful coasters the bright color and print!