Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Displaying artworks in a small space

When we were living in a rented home our display of paintings were limited to the number of nails in the house. This deterred from hoarding or buying any paintings. After we moved to our own space there is still a limitation on this because my husband is averse to the idea of drilling holes through the wall. I keep telling him that I want of a wall full of paintings and he keeps telling me to forget it. I have been collecting Indian Folk paintings and art works and few I have done on my own. If you have drilling restriction like me or have space constraint here are few cool ideas to display the paintings and art works. Your beautiful wall is left untouched and you could have a transformed space every time. Let us see how we can achieve it in a small way.

1. Lean the framed art works against the wall layering it slightly. This works best if you have symmetric paintings. You could hide half of the painting with another one. This is how I have done in my home. Two of these paintings are larger than A3 Size, and for the time being I have put them on top of the T.V. unit. They are a big attention grabber as soon as someone enters home.

2. Second one is to have a floating shelves and show off the paintings along with other artifacts. 

3.If the art work is big and you do not have that much space then leave it on the floor.

4. On top of the book case and behind the books.

5.I love this idea of hanging kids art works in clothes pin and have to implement this idea sometimes soon. This way I can put their first art work, gradually telling how they have done better.

My favorite one and which I follow all the time, display them on shelves along with your books. And yes, for that special effect add a tinge of greenery. I keep rotating the decor here with books, artifacts and lastly painting. Isn't it an awesome idea??


  1. Great ideas...:)) Even my husband has this aversion to drill on walls. Thats why I keep my paintings inside a big folder & gift them to friends or family. After much persuasion I got him to hang few of my paintings ....((:

  2. wow... lovely paintings.. n grt ideas... nice topics you have covered vasudha!! grt going....