Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our love for Bougainvillea

When we initially started our garden, we had planted lot of Bougainvilleas, bringing in whatever colors available in the local nursery. We were not sure of their survival as they had tough competition from others like hibiscus, rose, few creepers.
But wow, all of them got to see the light of the day and they have indeed colored my garden! They like to peep out of the compound. See for your self..


  1. Hi Vasudha, I just noticed your kind words on my post 'homemade black grape jam'. thank you!
    You have such a lovely blog here. I'm glad I came over.
    And bougainvilleas... I simply love them too. Have always dreamt of growing plenty of these beauties when we shall own a home.
    Yours are so colorful and I like how they are peeping through your garden fence.

  2. Thanks for dropping in and your comments..