Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Review : Extra Virgin by Anne Hawes

I picked up this book from a second hand book shop and tell you the truth, didn't disappoint me.
The story is the real life experience of Anne Hawes and her sister Lucy who are from London and visit a tiny Liguarian village Diano San Pietro in Italy. They visit this place to learn Rose grafting, to experience Italian Reviera but fall in love with the stone house a midst of olive grooves. They buy this house which seems too cheap compared to the highly priced homes in London which they definitely can't afford.  The author describes her experiences with making this village as their second home, olive growing, encounters with their neighbors, beautiful landscapes, peasant villagers and their funny notions about her having cappuccino, salads and using beach . The olive farming village folks think these females have gone nuts for buying olive grooves without any knowledge about them, but gradually assist, accept both of them.

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