Monday, June 25, 2012


A short hi to all bloggers out there.
My weekend passed without much notice. Hubby was out of station touring Mysore with his German Colleagues. So it was just like the rest of the week days only difference being that I had to bear the constants brawls between two brothers for the whole day. Other days it starts the moment elder one comes back home after school.
For munching something along with Tea I decided to do Methi Cuts . The scenario in my house is that whenever I deep fry something my elder son just peeps in every time and tastes few bites from every batch. The reason he tells is that he wants to ensure all are fried properly. So schweet! In the end,  one quarter of the box would be consumed just by him.
Have a fabulous week ahead!!!

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  1. sons are ok... it shows that they feed themselves properly.. here at my home, its the hubby, who should have actual control of oily items, who strolls into kitchen and finishes off most of the things! :P