Friday, June 15, 2012

MTR Rice Sevai...

Well, this is definitely not a recipe post. This is about my experience with the product MTR rice sevai.

The packet contains dried rice noodles, which you empty into boiling water and strain it after few minutes. Once you have rice noodles, you can use it as you want, like preparing lime bath or pulao etc., out of it.
In the past I have made instant rice noodles successfully out of few other brands, but my husband has liking to only this particular brand of MTR's. Every time I make it, it would become a flop show in spite of following the procedure in the packet properly. Umm, properly according to me.
I simply couldn't figure out why the noodles were turning to a lumpy mass. I tried lot of tricks to make each strand of noodle non sticky, like adding pinch of salt, oil etc.. I used to get so frustrated, upset when the end product was not matching what was shown in the packet.. For  many days I stopped buying rice noodles altogether, but once in a while it would make a way in our pantry, courtesy my husband.
Once I got so upset that I fought with my husband bringing it and banning MTR Rice Sevai in our house. This time my husband took the matters to his hands and said 'I know you are doing something wrong, I will try it myself, if it doesn't turn out good we would stop buying it'. Agreed, part of me wishing the same thing happening to him. But voila, it turned out to be best. So the culprit is 'ME NOT FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS PROPERLY'.
Then we started investigating where I was going wrong. Ok, where this is where I was going wrong, I was not boiling the water properly, I would just see few small bubbles and pour the contents of packet into it. The water has to be thoroughly boiling like you boil for drinking.

So the moral of the story small change in cooking can alter things -:). Sad thing is that, in spite of having around 8 yrs of experience in the kitchen, your husband had to point out your mistake.


  1. Yes, things like that happen. But I'm glad you guys could find the flaw in time to enjoy your husband's favorite recipe, before it got banned :) A cute post!

  2. The cleaning is the challenging part... when we were home, we used to keep making this and I used to eat most of it... looks delicious..