Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: To the Elephant Graveyard

This is an amazing and unusual book that I read last year and thought I will write the review.
It is a real life story of a hunt for an elephant named 'Phandika' who is referred to as 'the rogue', in the North East frontier of India. The author(Tarquin Hall) along with the hunter Mr. Choudhary and his team hunts for this elephant who has so far killed 30+ people. The hunter himself loves elephants and has grown up among them. There seem to be moving story behind this rogue who is deliberately killing people, choosing his victims smartly. At one point of time the hunter is about to capture the rogue and decides to give rogue a chance and mend his way.
The author gives the first hand account of incidents that happens while hunting. He also portraits about the relationship between the mahouts and their elephants, how modernization has lead to shrinking of forests and suffering of elephants.
This book is like a page turning detective story, keep you engrossed till the end.

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